Editor’s word

A quarter of a century ago, when I graduated from a lyceum specialising in psychology and pedagogy, I dreamed of becoming… a journalist. But my bold plan to leave my hometown and enroll in a university course in journalism did not stand up to the reality in which my parents, then a 17-year-old girl, did not support me. In some confusion I jumped into the “last carriage”, having submitted my documents to the psychological faculty of one of the Latvian institutes a week before the beginning of classes.

And now 25 years later, as an experienced psychologist, teacher and supervisor of scientific research in psychology and psychotherapy, I am writing my opening editorial. It’s exciting, curious, and brings a smile that might say something like “well, look at that”…

So, the opening statement of the Editor of the Journal of Integrative Psychotherapy and Systemic Analysis (JIPSA), a psychotherapy journal that combines a scientific approach with the lively life of the professional community

One of the objectives of JIPSA is the development of psychotherapy as a science in the Baltics, the opportunity to meet like-minded people for the realisation of quantitative and qualitative research in psychotherapy, exchange of modern knowledge and news, inspiring to move further along the professional path with interest and enthusiasm.

jevgenija karlin

JIPSA brings together professionals in the field of psychological counseling and psychotherapy who keep curiosity and love for their work, cooperates with the Baltic Institute of Psychotherapy .

We hold the view that humanistic psychotherapy is holistic, that the integration of different modalities, theoretical approaches, methods and techniques is a natural outcome of professional development, enabling a deep and multifaceted understanding of the discipline.

The systemic-analytic integrative approach seeks a deep understanding of the person and a systemic view of the possibilities for professional psychological care. It is not a new kind of psychotherapy, but a contemporary perspective and a systemic view of psychotherapy as a human science, as a craft, and a bit of an art.

We propose to look at psychotherapy as one, not divided into different therapeutic schools, but united by them, seeing the value in the accumulated knowledge of different directions and following our colleagues from different countries of the world, we are developing a Generic Model of Psychotherapy.

Our editorial board invites students of psychology and psychotherapy programs, practicing colleagues and researchers to join our Journal. If you are conducting research on psychotherapy or psychological counseling, if you have an authored paper or current news in psychotherapy that you would like to share, please write to our editorial board (terms and conditions and publication requirements can be found here).

Welcome to the pages of the Journal of Integrative Psychotherapy and Systemic Analysis!

Dr. in psychotherapy science, Jevgenija Karlin