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At the heart of the “Journal of Integrative Psychotherapy and Systemic Analysis” is the brilliance of our contributors. Their knowledge and insights are what elevate our platform.

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From seasoned therapists and deep-diving researchers to budding scholars from the student and trainee community, our contributors bring a mosaic of perspectives. Their collective experiences ensure our content remains both grounded and forward-looking.

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Our contributors hail from varied backgrounds and cultures, yet they unite in their dedication to exploring and promoting integrative therapy and systemic analysis. This melting pot of insights gives depth to our journal, guaranteeing a holistic approach in every edition.

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We are always on the lookout for fresh perspectives and pioneering thoughts. If you’re passionate about integrative psychotherapy and systemic analysis, we invite you to contribute and join our esteemed roster of authors. Together, we can shape the future of psychotherapy.

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